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Wins: Total games won as a starter.
Losses: Total games lost as a starter.
Goal Average Allowed: The average number of goals allowed per start.
Saves per 60: Average saves per 60 minutes played.
Salary: The cost, against salary cap, to roster a player on DraftKings.
Projected Fantasy Points: The total fantasy points we predict a player will score on DraftKings.
Average Fantasy Points: The average fantasy points scored per start.
Time on Ice: The average time (minutes and seconds) spent on the ice per game played.
Individual Corsi: The team's shot attempt differential while the player is on the ice at even strength play.
Individual Corsi For: A player's shot attempt differential while at even strength play.
Zone Offense: The average time spent on ice in the offensive zone.
Zone Defense: The average time spent on ice in the defensive zone.
Fantasy Points per 60: The average fantasy points scored per 60 minutes spent on the ice.