Weather Overview
Postponed Delayed
Weather Impact Doubtful
  • 4:08 PM
    STL at WAS
Possible Delay/Rainout
  • There are no games that fall into this category.
Likely Delay/Rainout
  • 8:08 PM
    HOU at NYY
Wednesday, at 4:08 PM EST
According to, it's expected to be 59° F with a 6% chance of rain and 7 MPH wind blowing left to right in Washington, D.C. at 4:08 PM EST.
Hourly Forecasts:
The Nationals have won the NLCS, so this game will not be played.
5:08 PM
0% Rain 59°  W 9 mph L-R
6:08 PM
0% Rain 58°  W 11 mph L-R
7:08 PM
0% Rain 57°  W 12 mph L-R
Wednesday, at 8:08 PM EST
Likely To Be Delayed Or Rained Out
According to, it's expected to be 62° F with a 100% chance of rain and 13 MPH wind blowing in in New York City at 8:08 PM EST.
Hourly Forecasts:
Wednesday night's ALCS matchup at Yankee Stadium has been postponed due to rain.
9:08 PM
100% Rain 62°  W 9 mph In
10:08 PM
76% Rain 62°  W 4 mph R-L
11:08 PM
0% Rain 58°  W 9 mph Out