PropSwap Picks of the Week

PropSwap Picks of the Week

This article is part of our PropSwap Picks of the Week series.

Have you ever made a bet at a sportsbook that you later regretted? Did the money line change on you?  Or, conversely, did you bet on a future that suddenly had a great chance at hitting? If so, a secondary marketplace to sell your ticket is available to you!  PropSwap posts your tickets and makes them available via a straight sale or a bidding process. Think of PropSwap as an eBay for sports tickets. Like an item on eBay, you place the ticket on PropSwap, and then people can buy and/or bid on your action.  And, yes, that's right - you can also buy action on the site as well!

The purpose of our weekly article is to take a look at what's available on PropSwap this week and give advice on our best buys. Before you buy anything on PropSwap, be sure to read the fine print. The betting slip will be sent to you via certified mail, so if your ticket wins, you need to be near a licensed sportsbook to cash it in. Although deadlines to cash vary, most sportsbooks' typical expiration date is six months or 180 days from the initial purchase.


Green Bay Packers TO WIN 2021 NFL Championship $200.00

Odds 6.75:1 TO WIN $1,550.00

As long as the Pack remains healthy, they've got an excellent chance to emerge as the NFC champs. They need to get Aaron Jones healthy again, and Davante Adams needs a helping hand so he isn't doing all the heavy lifting.  Their defense might be their most significant question mark, and it's probably the reason why the odds are this low.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers TO WIN 2021 NFL Championship $100.00

Odds 5.3:1 TO WIN $630.00

Could the Antonio Brown experiment blow up in the Bucs' faces?  Chris Godwin's finger injury has him sidelined for the foreseeable future, so the door is open for AB to make an impact.  With Tom Brady at the helm and Ronald Jones leading a surging running attack, this is a squad that you can't count out under any circumstances.

College Football

USC TO WIN 2021 CFB Chamoionship $100.00

Odds 71.14:1 TO WIN $10,100

Call me crazy, but I love this bet.  How the committee will view the reduced schedules of the Pac 12 and Big 10 are up in the air, but how could they ignore USC if they run the table?  Although they lost Michael Pittman, Kedon Slovis has a lot of talent on offense remaining.  Discipline has been an issue with Clay Helton's defense, but the Trojans have the tools to win all of their games.  

Iowa State TO WIN 2020 Big 12 Championship $100.00

Odds 4:1 TO WIN $500.00

I think Kansas State has the best shot at winning the conference, but they've weathered through the most challenging part of their schedule and could run the table the rest of the way. They hung with Oklahoma State until the very end, and they'd need to Cowboys to drop a couple of games for this bet to come through to avoid a conference tiebreak scenario.


Adam Hadwin TO WIN 2020 Masters $15.00

Odds 262.77:1 TO WIN $5,051.00

There are plenty of fun Masters bets out there, but this one with Hadwin is my favorite of the week. He posted a T24 when he last played Augusta in 2018, and although he's had an up-and-down season in 2020, he posted a T4 at the Rocket Mortgage Classic over the summer. I will probably lay 10 or more bets on this tournament, and at these odds. Hadwin could easily be in the mix.

Jeff Edgerton
Jeff has provided sports content for numerous sports outlets and has played fantasy sports since scores had to be tabulated via newspaper. He started working with RotoWire in 2017. Originally from South Carolina, he's a lifelong Clemson fan now enjoying the sun in Los Angeles.