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SXM Highlights: Fantasy Expectations For Kyle Murray
Heading into tonight's NFL Draft Day 1, Mario joins Liss and Jeff to discuss Kyler Murray's fantasy forecast for the 2019 season.
SXM Highlights: Is Russell Westbrook Overrated?
2 days ago
Nick joins Liss and Jeff to discuss the future of the OKC Thunder after yet again losing in the first round of the playoffs. Is Russell Westbrook overrated?
Rounding Third: Using RotoWire’s New Stats Tools
2 days ago
Jose Peraza's strikeout rate has skyrocketed, and he hasn't walked yet this season. Jeff Erickson shows how to find that and more on RotoWire's Plate Discipline Changes, one of the site's new features for 2019.
SXM Highlights: Is This More Than A Slump for Jose Ramirez?
2 days ago
Jose Ramirez is hitting .157 with only five RBI's. Liss and Jeff debate whether his current woes are just a run of bad luck, or a downward trend.
SXM Highlights: How The 3-Pointer Has Become The Center Of The Game
3 days ago
ESPN's Andre Snellings joins Liss and Jeff to talk Houston Rockets, and then the historic climb of the three point shot becoming the most important aspect of the current game.
SXM Highlights: Time To Trade Kershaw?
3 days ago
After two good starts, is it time to "sell high" on Clayton Kershaw? Liss and Jeff discuss.
SXM Highlights: Time To Trade Tim Anderson?
4 days ago
Liss and Jeff debate if now is the time to trade high and deal Chicago's Tim Anderson.
SXM Highlights: Can We Relax After Chris Sale's Last Start?
8 days ago
After Chris Sale showed better velocity Tuesday versus the Yankees, can we relax about his rest-of-season forecast?
SXM Highlights: How Does Yelich Hit So Many HRs With A Low Fly Ball Rate?
10 days ago
Jeff & Liss discuss how Christian Yelich is hitting so many home runs despite a low fly ball rate.
SXM Highlights:  Don't Wait To Pick Up Players Off To Hot Starts
11 days ago
Liss and Jeff discuss why Daniel Vogelbach is exhibit A for why you must pick up players who are off to hot starts.
Rounding Third: Exploring Hitter Statcast Data
11 days ago
Teoscar Hernandez was a surprise leader among qualified hitters in barreled hits percentage last season – among the revelations that Jeff Erickson discovered while navigating batter Statcast data.
SXM Highlights: Is The Ball Juiced?
18 days ago
Liss is convinced the ball is juiced.
SXM Highlights: Who Gets ABs if Marcell Ozuna Misses Time?
22 days ago
Liss & Jeff debate who on the Cardinals benefits if Marcell Ozuna's injury forces a trip to the IL.
SXM Highlights: Opportunity Strikes for Christian Walker
23 days ago
Jeff & McKechs discuss the new opportunity for Christian Walker in Arizona.
SXM Highlights: Ryan Yarbrough Is Valuable
24 days ago
Liss and Jeff discuss Rays pitcher Ryan Yarbrough's unique fantasy value for 2019.
Rounding Third: Exit, Stage Left!
24 days ago
Kyle Hendricks has succeeded for years by inducing weak contact despite throwing a below-average fastball. Jeff Erickson wants to know if Trevor Williams is cut from the same cloth.
SXM Highlights: Giancarlo Stanton Injury Fallout
25 days ago
Erickson and Liss discuss who'll gain more playing time for the Yankees now that Giancarlo Stanton will miss time with a biceps injury.
Week 25 Schedule Considerations
26 days ago
A brief tribute to Lou Williams and the Clippers, who overcame trading away Tobias Harris at the trade deadline to improve their playoff standing in the West.
SXM Highlights: Was Trea Turner worth a first-round pick?
29 days ago
Chris Liss and Jeff Erickson discuss whether it was smart to take Trea Turner in the first round of fantasy drafts. If you're picking your team this weekend, see what they have to say.
SXM Highlights: Waiting On Pitching
30 days ago
Todd Zola joins Jeff & Liss to explain his "wait on pitchers" approach in a recent SXM AL-Only Hosts draft.
SXM Highlights: Is Yoan Moncada a Batting Average Risk?
31 days ago
Liss explains to Jeff why White Sox infielder Yoan Moncada is not a batting average risk this season.
SXM Highlights: Who Will Close For The Brewers?
32 days ago
Jeff and Mario discuss the fluid bullpen situation in Milwaukee.
Week 24 Schedule Considerations
33 days ago
Jeff Teague is out for the season, one of three Timberwolves down in their Operation Shutdown.
Top 350 Composite Rankings
35 days ago
Max Scherzer has climbed up to third in RotoWire's composite rankings. Check out all of our changes in this week's Roundtable Rankings.
Fear of Missing Out
Fear of Missing Out
37 days ago
37 days ago
Who are Jeff Erickson's "FOMO" (Fear of Missing Out) players? Will Ryan McMahon (pictured) be Captain Helium this weekend?
SXM Highlights: Rhys Hoskins' Value Update
37 days ago
Liss & Jeff discuss their current value evaluation for Phillie Rhys Hoskins, who recently suffered a shoulder injury.
SXM Highlights: Liss Loves Miggy
38 days ago
Liss explains to Jeff why he owns many shares of Miguel Cabrera.
SXM Highlights: Kang Wins 3B Job in PIT
39 days ago
Jeff and Mario discuss Jung Ho Kang's upside, now that he's been declared the Pirates' starting third basemen, after a two year absence.
Week 23 Schedule Considerations
40 days ago
D'Angelo Russell may have helped your team reach the fantasy playoffs, but you'll likely not be able to use him in Week 23 if you're still alive in your league.
Top 350 Composite Rankings
42 days ago
Vladimir Guerrero's oblique injury could further delay his arrival to Toronto. How much does he fall in the latest installment of the RotoWire Roundtable?