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SXM Highlights: Liss Vents About Unpredictable Play from Marginal Players
3 days ago
Liss vents to Jeff about unpredictable play from marginal players like Michael Wacha and Sonny Gray.
SXM Highlights: How Much Longer Will LeBron Be At The Top Of His Game?
4 days ago
Liss and Nick debate for how much longer can we expect superstar play from LeBron James.
SXM Highlights: What's Sonny Gray's ROS Value?
4 days ago
After an interesting outing yesterday, what is Sonny Gray's rest-of-season value? Liss and Jeff discuss.
SXM Highlights: What Has Gotten Into Jake Odorizzi?
5 days ago
Liss can't understand why Jake Odorizzi is pitching so well and is suspect about him keeping it up. Jeff is a bit more optimistic.
SXM Highlights: What Is Austin Riley's Big League Fantasy Value?
10 days ago
Liss & Jeff debate what to expect from Austin Riley in 2019. The 22-year-old Atlanta Brave went deep Wednesday night during his MLB debut.
SXM Highlights: Josh Bell Is Breaking Out
13 days ago
Liss and Jeff admit that the Pirates' Josh Bell is breaking out, contrary to their banter earlier in the season.
SXM Highlights: Will Miguel Cabrera Find His Power?
17 days ago
Liss and Jeff discuss Miguel Cabrera's lack of home runs this season and if that will change going forward.
SXM Highlights: How Is Melky Doing So Well?
17 days ago
Jeff and Liss discuss Melky Cabrera's hot start to the 2019 season.
SXM Highlights: Is Kawhi Leonard A Top Five Player
17 days ago
Nick joins Liss to make his case for Kawhi Leonard as a Top Five NBA player.
SXM Highlights: Can Domingo German Keep This Up?
20 days ago
Paul Sporer joins Liss and Jeff to discuss Domingo German's hot start. Can he keep it up?
SXM Highlights: Bellinger Is Off The Charts
24 days ago
Liss and Jeff try to put Cody Bellinger's hot start in perspective. He's off the charts.
SXM Highlights: What's Wrong With Noah Syndergaard?
25 days ago
Liss & Jeff debate what is wrong with Noah Syndergaard, whose ERA now sits at a scary 6.35.
SXM Highlights: Who Wins The East?
25 days ago
Nick joins Liss to discuss who might win the East now that both Eastern Conference Series are tied 1-1.
SXM Highlights: Ranking The Rookie WRs
26 days ago
Liss and Jeff talk about the crowded the rookie WR field, with plenty of top options for ranking receivers for keeper league drafts.
SXM Highlights: Liss Defends Daniel Jones Pick, Sort Of
27 days ago
Liss explains to Jeff why the Giants' Daniel Jones pick at number six might be valid. Jeff thinks he's rationalizing.
SXM Highlights: Fantasy Expectations For Kyle Murray
31 days ago
Heading into tonight's NFL Draft Day 1, Mario joins Liss and Jeff to discuss Kyler Murray's fantasy forecast for the 2019 season.
SXM Highlights: Is Russell Westbrook Overrated?
32 days ago
Nick joins Liss and Jeff to discuss the future of the OKC Thunder after yet again losing in the first round of the playoffs. Is Russell Westbrook overrated?
SXM Highlights: Is This More Than A Slump for Jose Ramirez?
32 days ago
Jose Ramirez is hitting .157 with only five RBI's. Liss and Jeff debate whether his current woes are just a run of bad luck, or a downward trend.
SXM Highlights: How The 3-Pointer Has Become The Center Of The Game
33 days ago
ESPN's Andre Snellings joins Liss and Jeff to talk Houston Rockets, and then the historic climb of the three point shot becoming the most important aspect of the current game.
SXM Highlights: Time To Trade Kershaw?
33 days ago
After two good starts, is it time to "sell high" on Clayton Kershaw? Liss and Jeff discuss.
SXM Highlights: Time To Trade Tim Anderson?
34 days ago
Liss and Jeff debate if now is the time to trade high and deal Chicago's Tim Anderson.
SXM Highlights: Can We Relax After Chris Sale's Last Start?
38 days ago
After Chris Sale showed better velocity Tuesday versus the Yankees, can we relax about his rest-of-season forecast?
SXM Highlights: How Does James Harden Hold Up Carrying Such a Heavy Load?
38 days ago
ESPN's Andre Snellings joins Liss to discuss James Harden's durability.
SXM Highlights: The Trouble With Hot/Cold Streaks When Analyzing Players
39 days ago
Liss and McKechs talk about analyzing players on hot and cold streaks.
SXM Highlights: How Does Yelich Hit So Many HRs With A Low Fly Ball Rate?
40 days ago
Jeff & Liss discuss how Christian Yelich is hitting so many home runs despite a low fly ball rate.
SXM Highlights:  Don't Wait To Pick Up Players Off To Hot Starts
41 days ago
Liss and Jeff discuss why Daniel Vogelbach is exhibit A for why you must pick up players who are off to hot starts.
SXM Highlights: Swanson And Success From The Later Rounds
45 days ago
Liss and Todd discuss Dansby Swanson's hot start and how drafting quality in the late rounds can save your fantasy baseball squad.
SXM Highlights: Should Liss Drop Severino?
46 days ago
Liss commiserates with Todd Zola over whether or not he should cut Luis Severino
SXM Highlights: Was Shane Bieber Overdrafted?
47 days ago
James and Liss analyze the evidence showing that Shane Beiber was probably overdrafted for this season.
SXM Highlights: Is The Ball Juiced?
48 days ago
Liss is convinced the ball is juiced.