Fantrax Premier League Player Rankings: Gameweek 18

Fantrax Premier League Player Rankings: Gameweek 18

This article is part of our Fantasy Premier League Rankings series.


  • Aston Villa v. Burnley
  • Leeds v. Arsenal
  • Wolves v. Chelsea
  • Newcastle v. Man City
  • Tottenham v. Liverpool

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Fantasy Premier League: Gameweek 18 Cheat Sheet


Overall RankPos RankFloor RankPos Floor RankPlayerMatchupPosPtsFloor
1122Phil FodenMCI at NEWM19.1811.75
2163Mohamed SalahLIV at TOTF17.6910.16
3211Kevin De BruyneMCI at NEWM17.4811.99
4294Gabriel JesusMCI at NEWF17.349.76
5352Raheem SterlingMCI at NEWF17.1810.42
6431Sadio ManeLIV at TOTF15.6310.73
7181Joao CanceloMCI at NEWD15.439.97
85115Diogo JotaLIV at TOTF15.439.32
9343Hakim ZiyechCHE at WOLM14.4910.69
102143Reece JamesCHE at WOLD14.219.00
11474Mason MountCHE at WOLM14.1210.01
123102Trent Alexander-ArnoldLIV at TOTD13.919.58
135125Ilkay GundoganMCI at NEWM13.769.30
144174Marcos AlonsoCHE at WOLD13.358.65
1561910Martin OdegaardARS at LEEM13.088.62
166216Alexandre LacazetteARS at LEEF13.088.12
177189Emile Smith RoweARS at LEEM12.748.63
1875312Danny IngsAVL v. BRNF12.456.29
198168Bukayo SakaARS at LEEM12.148.90
2054310Trevoh ChalobahCHE at WOLD11.926.65
2192815Kai HavertzCHE at WOLM11.667.60
226267Andrew RobertsonLIV at TOTD11.297.82
2386015Ollie WatkinsAVL v. BRNF11.116.02
247225Takehiro TomiyasuARS at LEED11.008.01
259328Chris WoodBRN at AVLF10.937.47
2610157Alex Oxlade-ChamberlainLIV at TOTM10.668.91
2710297RaphinhaLEE v. ARSF10.297.59
2811349Matej VydraBRN at AVLF10.207.05
2986421Kyle WalkerMCI at NEWD10.175.87
3094512Thiago SilvaCHE at WOLD9.976.55
31104411Kieran TierneyARS at LEED9.926.60
32115215Antonio RudigerCHE at WOLD9.886.30
3311136Thiago AlcantaraLIV at TOTM9.839.15
34126216Harry KaneTOT v. LIVF9.755.99
3512399Ibrahima KonateLIV at TOTD9.536.76
36135914Son Heung-MinTOT v. LIVF9.516.03
37122011Dwight McNeilBRN at AVLM9.508.45
38136622Ruben DiasMCI at NEWD9.285.52
39132513RodriMCI at NEWM9.177.84
40145617GabrielARS at LEED9.066.11
41154714Joel MatipLIV at TOTD9.066.52
42142412N'Golo KanteCHE at WOLM9.037.87
43154022Jacob RamseyAVL v. BRNM8.996.75
44174613Ben WhiteARS at LEED8.976.54
45185416Matty CashAVL v. BRND8.896.24
46196119Matt TargettAVL v. BRND8.885.99
4720236James TarkowskiBRN at AVLD8.878.01
48163016Jordan HendersonLIV at TOTM8.827.52
49175025Lucas MouraTOT v. LIVM8.766.40
50184924Jack HarrisonLEE v. ARSM8.756.41
51192714Mateo KovacicCHE at WOLM8.727.62
52144210Francisco TrincaoWOL v. CHEF8.406.68
53217324Aymeric LaporteMCI at NEWD8.245.22
54227825Tyrone MingsAVL v. BRND8.105.10
5523388Ben MeeBRN at AVLD8.106.84
56204123John McGinnAVL v. BRNM8.066.69
57156817Hwang Hee-ChanWOL v. CHEF7.825.43
58248226Ezri KonsaAVL v. BRND7.814.82
59213117Thomas ParteyARS at LEEM7.717.50
60223721Johann Berg GudmundssonBRN at AVLM7.586.98
61233620Carney ChukwuemekaAVL v. BRNM7.587.01
62243318Josh BrownhillBRN at AVLM7.367.45
63253519Ashley WestwoodBRN at AVLM7.307.03
64168019Raul JimenezWOL v. CHEF7.225.01
65256320Charlie TaylorBRN at AVLD7.195.95
66175813Tyler RobertsLEE v. ARSF7.086.05
671894Emiliano MartinezAVL v. BRNG7.054.09
68184811Joe GelhardtLEE v. ARSF6.816.49
69265527Douglas LuizAVL v. BRNM6.776.17
70266723Matthew LowtonBRN at AVLD6.655.47
71199220Callum WilsonNEW v. MCIF6.563.68
72277735Joe WillockNEW v. MCIM6.535.13
73285728Ruben NevesWOL v. CHEM6.266.05
742651Martin DubravkaNEW v. MCIG6.255.80
753812Jose SaWOL v. CHEG6.204.91
76295126Granit XhakaARS at LEEM6.126.31
774966Aaron RamsdaleARS at LEEG6.112.81
78307030Mateusz KlichLEE v. ARSM6.095.29
79316929Stuart DallasLEE v. ARSM6.085.41
80207418JoelintonNEW v. MCIF6.005.20
815873Illan MeslierLEE v. ARSG5.834.49
82327634Jacob MurphyNEW v. MCIM5.595.17
83337533Pierre-Emile HojbjergTOT v. LIVM5.435.18
84347131Leander DendonckerWOL v. CHEM5.275.27
85278827Robin KochLEE v. ARSD5.124.22
8661068Edouard MendyCHE at WOLG5.091.33
87358539Miguel AlmironNEW v. MCIM5.084.52
88367936Oliver SkippTOT v. LIVM4.925.02
89377232Adam ForshawLEE v. ARSM4.795.23
90289128Luke AylingLEE v. ARSD4.743.80
917905Hugo LlorisTOT v. LIVG4.713.90
92299329Romain SaissWOL v. CHED4.693.54
93309430Diego LlorenteLEE v. ARSD4.673.51
94388337Jonjo ShelveyNEW v. MCIM4.634.73
95398438Isaac HaydenNEW v. MCIM4.444.70
963110237Ben DaviesTOT v. LIVD4.382.01
97408640Matt RitchieNEW v. MCIM4.374.50
9881079Alisson BeckerLIV at TOTG4.291.23
99329531Nelson SemedoWOL v. CHED4.202.92
100911010EdersonMCI at NEWG4.16-0.02
101339833Fernando MarcalWOL v. CHED3.602.58
1023410035Sergio ReguilonTOT v. LIVD3.572.19
103359732Max KilmanWOL v. CHED3.552.74
104101037Nick PopeBRN at AVLG3.151.95
105369934Davinson SanchezTOT v. LIVD3.052.52
1063710539Conor CoadyWOL v. CHED2.671.78
1073810136Eric DierTOT v. LIVD2.562.09
1083910438Japhet TangangaTOT v. LIVD2.231.83
1094010840Jamaal LascellesNEW v. MCID1.391.05
1104110941Fabian ScharNEW v. MCID0.690.63

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