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Brett Favre: Hasn't Made a Decision, Says He Wants to Play

Posted on August 4, 2010 at 8:43 AM


ESPN's Ed Werder spoke briefly with Favre on Wednesday and said Favre plans to play for the Vikings this season if his ankle allows. Favre denies sending any retirement-related texts to any Vikings personnel and said he has not made a decision about whether to play this season.


It's good to finally get some information from the man at the center of all of this, even if it didn't really get us any closer to a firm resolution. Still, this seems more in line with what we've been thinking all offseason: if the ankle allows, Favre wants to keep playing. He offered Werder no timetable on when he might make a determination about the status of his ankle, but it's officially time to grind all of this retirement talk to a halt.

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