Surviving Week 11

Surviving Week 11

This article is part of our Survivor series.

Last week was pretty uneventful with only the Ravens and Eagles (about four percent) of pools going down. The Packers had a scare, but survived. 

Let's take a look at Week 11:

TeamOpponent%Taken*Vegas ML**Vegas OddsExpected Loss
Steelers JAGUARS14.50%45081.822.64
Dolphins BRONCOS2.10%16562.260.79
Chiefs RAIDERS1.60%29574.680.41

Home teams in CAPS
* According to "polling" data on 
** Average of the two moneylines  

There are no massive favorites this week, with only the Steelers above 80 percent and the Chargers close behind, but 42 percent owned. 

My Picks

1. Pittsburgh Steelers

They're on the road, and sometimes they play down to their competition as they did in Dallas, but this should be an easy game against a rookie quarterback and below-average defense. I give the Steelers an 81 percent chance to win this game. 

2. Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs lost to the Raiders the first time around, and now they're on the road. But the Raiders could be short defensively due to COVID, and the Chiefs are coming off a bye, something at which head coach Andy Reid has excelled during his career. I give the Chiefs a 75 percent chance to win this game. 

3. Los Angeles Chargers

The Chargers get a home game

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