Beating The Book

Beating The Book

This article is part of our Beating the Book series.

I finally had a winning week 7-5-2, but it could have been better had the Cardinals chosen to kick a PAT and Nick Chubb simply crossed the goal line. But I can't complain too much because Arizona was only in that position due to a miraculous play in the first place. I also lost my best bet (Bears) and went 3-2 in the Supercontest

This week, I especially like the Patriots and Titans. 


Cardinals +3 at Seahawks

This is where I set the line, but I'll take the Cardinals. The Seahawks can't play defense or pass protect, and while I imagine they'll make some adjustments, the Cardinals are at least their equal at this point. 

Seahawks 27 - 26


Eagles +3.5 at Browns

This is where I set the line. The Eagles are bad, but they defend the run decently, and that's all the Browns really have. I have a hunch they'll keep it close enough. Take the points. 

Browns 24 - 23

Falcons +5 at Saints

I made this line 7.5, so I'm on the Saints. The Falcons have played much better since they fired Dan Quinn, though, and Jameis Winston looked bad in relief of Drew Brees. But Winston should improve with a full week of practice, and the Saints are better on both sides of the ball. 

Saints 27 - 20

Lions 1.5 at Panthers

If both quarterbacks play, these are roughly equal teams, so the line is

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Beating The Book
Beating The Book