Bernie on the Scene: A Return to Evaluating Prospects

Bernie on the Scene: A Return to Evaluating Prospects

This article is part of our Bernie on the Scene series.

Last week I laid an egg.

Nobody read my article.

I wrote about the American League teams I felt could win the World Series. Not a popular piece.

I thought I'd be writing about National League teams this week. Nope. I learned my lesson.

I am returning to doing prospect profiles and evaluations. That is an area of concern to my readers. I respect that. I will answer the call.

All profiles below are updated from any I have written in the past regarding the player. Stats are as of Saturday morning, October 2.

Max Meyer, RHP, Miami Marlins
6-0, 196 
Age: 22
Selected in the first round of the 2020 draft out of University of Minnesota.

The Marlins signed Meyer for a whopping $6.7M. You know what that means, right? Follow the money. Meyer could fall flat in his development and still get to pitch for Miami or be part of a huge trade. His place in Marlins history is likely guaranteed by that signing contract. The Marlins don't just throw money around.

We won't have to worry about Meyer.

Meyer was a closer in college, which could be his role with the Marlins. But, and this is important, he was used as a starter this season at both Double-A and Triple-A.

Meyer threw 106 innings in 23 starts. He finished with a record of 6-3, with all of his record coming at Double-A Pensacola.

Meyer struck out an average of 10.4 hitters per nine, but he walked 3.5

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