The Z Files: Finding Production from Weaker Lineups
The Z Files: Finding Production from Weaker Lineups

This article is part of our The Z Files series.

There's a rule of thumb in fantasy baseball: focus on batters hitting high in the order for productive teams. The problem is, depending on the league size, demand exceeds supply. This is especially true later in the season when injuries have depleted even the best lineups. Still, when searching to fill a hole or upgrade a spot, most gravitate towards players on the higher-scoring offenses.

As such, some positive contributors could be overlooked, stranded on the list of available players or even inactive on reserve. It's easy to get complacent this time of the season but now isn't the time to stop grinding. Below are 10 hitters with positive production over the past month. Most are from second-division teams. Availability is obviously league dependent, but those already rostered make for intriguing trade targets.

Included with each player is 5x5 rotisserie earnings from the past 30 days in standard 10, 12 and 15-team mixed leagues. Hitters are listed in order of earnings.

Jorge Soler, OF, Kansas City Royals

10 TM

12 TM

15 TM




For the season, Soler has 31 of the quietest homers in the game, buoying a .861 OPS. Over the last month, the former Cubs prospect has blasted eight long balls, en route to a 1.081 OPS. The crazy thing is, Soler is averaging just under eight homers a month, so the past 30 days isn't simply a hot stretch.

Soler's numbers aren't a fluke either as his Statcast data is off the charts,

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