PropSwap Picks of the Week

PropSwap Picks of the Week

This article is part of our PropSwap Picks of the Week series.

Have you ever made a bet at a sportsbook that you later regretted? Did the money line change on you?  Or, conversely, did you bet on a future that suddenly had a great chance at hitting? If so, a secondary marketplace to sell your ticket is available to you!  PropSwap posts your tickets and makes them available via a straight sale or a bidding process. Think of PropSwap as an eBay for sports tickets. Like an item on eBay, you place the ticket on PropSwap, and then people can buy and/or bid on your action.  And, yes, that's right - you can also purchase action on the site as well!

The purpose of our weekly article is to take a look at what's available on PropSwap this week and give advice on our best buys. Before you buy anything on PropSwap, be sure to read the fine print. The betting slip will be sent to you via certified mail, so if your ticket wins, you need to be near a licensed sportsbook to cash it in. Although deadlines to cash vary, most sportsbooks' typical expiration date is six months or 180 days. 

Today we'll run through the various sports and also recommend a few 'buy' options to consider if you're interested in placing action on the site.


Saints TO WIN 2021 NFL Championship  $110.00

Odds 7.18:1 TO WIN $900.00

After Alvin Kamara's tour-de-force on Christmas Day, it's looking more and more likely that the Saints will win their division. They were able to survive - even thrive - on the back of Taysom Hill, and now the team will embark on what will likely be Drew Brees' swan song.  

Ron Rivera TO WIN 2020 NFL Coach of the Year $45.00

Odds 4.24:1 TO WIN $236.00  

Rivera gets fired from Carolina, goes to Washington, and wins the NFC East. Need we say more?  Next to the Browns making the playoffs, Washington's story is nothing short of astounding when you consider how awful this team was last season. Alex Smith's comeback is a great story, but they'll now have to depend on Dwayne Haskins moving forward.  No matter what happens, getting Washington into the playoffs is a feather in Rivera's cap.


Clemson TO WIN 2021 CFB Championship $113.00

Odds 2.27:1 TO WIN $370.00

He may be outspoken, but I have to agree with Dabo Swinney.  Ohio State has not proven that they are one of the four best teams in the country. The Tigers are poised to prove just that in New Orleans next week, which will set up for what seems like the hundredth time Clemson and Alabama have met in the final. The game could come down to who has the ball last.  Take the over.


Brooklyn Nets TO WIN 2021 NBA Championship $510.00

Odds 5.86:1 TO WIN $3,500.00

I know, I know, we're only a week in, and the Nets need some frontcourt help to contend, but how about Durant and Irving in this first week?  Duos like James and Davis should stand up and take notice. There's a new one-two punch in the league, and it's all happening in the Barclay's Center.  Destroying the Celtics is only the beginning.  Don't be surprised if they manhandle the Eastern Conference.

Kevin Durant TO WIN 2021 NBA MVP Award $118.75

Odds 11:1 TO WIN $1,425.00

He's already a contender for Comeback Player of the Year, but let's consider the narrative of a Lakers - Nets final with Brooklyn winning it in six?  How can you not coronate him? Have I mentioned that I like the Nets this year?


Missouri TO WIN 2021 NCAAB Championship $45.00

Odds 55.67:1 TO WIN $2,550.00

Outside of Tennessee, Mizzou is the team to beat in the SEC. The backcourt duo of Xavier Pinson and Dru Smith are lighting things up in Columbia, and if they can stay competitive inside, they could be a tournament surprise.


Michigan TO WIN 2021 NCAAB Championship  (+5000)

The Wolverines are hot right out of the gate. Things didn't look good when Austin Davis went down earlier in the month, but Hunter Dickinson has stepped in and currently leads the team in rebounds. With true playmakers like Isaiah Livers and Franz Wagner, coach Juwan Howard's squad could go far.

Jeff Edgerton
Jeff has provided sports content for numerous sports outlets and has played fantasy sports since scores had to be tabulated via newspaper. He started working with RotoWire in 2017. Originally from South Carolina, he's a lifelong Clemson fan now enjoying the sun in Los Angeles.