PropSwap Picks of the Week

PropSwap Picks of the Week

This article is part of our PropSwap Picks of the Week series.

Have you ever made a bet at a sportsbook that you later regretted? Did the money line change on you?  Or, conversely, did you bet on a future that suddenly had a great chance at hitting? If so, a secondary marketplace to sell your ticket is available to you!  PropSwap posts your tickets and makes them available via a straight sale or a bidding process. Think of PropSwap as an eBay for sports tickets. Like an item on eBay, you place the ticket on PropSwap, and then people can buy and/or bid on your action.  And, yes, that's right - you can also purchase action on the site as well!

The purpose of our weekly article is to take a look at what's available on PropSwap this week and give advice on our best buys. Before you buy anything on PropSwap, be sure to read the fine print. The betting slip will be sent to you via certified mail, so if your ticket wins, you need to be near a licensed sportsbook to cash it in. Although deadlines to cash vary, most sportsbooks' typical expiration date is six months or 180 days. 


You'll find a lot of 12-game parlays on the slate this week.  While you stand to win a big payday if you hit, the odds are definitely not in your favor.  Among the plethora of options, this is the one I liked most.


Odds 199: 1 $25.00 TO WIN $5,000

I like all of these picks with the exception of the Ravens play, which makes me nervous I'm also banking on a regression from Washington and think that Cincy can win outright without needing the points. Otherwise, most of the picks on this parlay are reasonable.

Steelers TO WIN AFC Championship $685.00

Odds 2.28:1 TO WIN $2,250.00

While some recent contests have put to rest the claim that the Steelers are the 'best team in the NFL,' they're still unbeaten, which could give them home-field advantage and a rosy path to the championship game. Defense wins championships, and they'll need to be a bit more consistent in that arena to fend off all comers, but their offense is probably the best they've had in a decade.

Buccaneers TO WIN NFC South $270.00

Odds -150.00 TO WIN $450.00

Ok, the odds aren't great, but this could be easy money now that Drew Brees is out.  The Saints have a lot of weapons, but the duo of Taysom Hill and Jameis Winston under center carries a ton of risk, and neither of them can deliver what Teddy Bridgewater provided when Brees missed time. I expect the Bucs to win this two-horse race down the stretch.


Justin Fields TO WIN 2020 Heisman Trophy $70.00

Odds 1.68:1 TO WIN $187.00

I doubt Trevor Lawrence can get this award on pedigree alone, and right now, Fields appears to be the player who can steal this away from him. Fields would probably need to lead the Buckeyes to an unbeaten season, and it would be to Lawrence's benefit to get outplayed for this award.  A Fields win could garner some interest from the Jets, who will expect their first pick to save what can't be saved.  If I were Lawrence, I'd play my senior season, win the Heisman then, and avoid a collision course with the Jets - but I'm not, and he'll be rich either way.

Oregon TO WIN 2021 CFB Championship $185.00

Odds 73.81:1 TO WIN $10,100

I think Oregon has what it takes to coast through to the Pac-12 Championship and win it. The only question is - will that be enough to satisfy the powers-that-be in the FBS boardroom?  Many are projecting two from the SEC, one from the ACC and one from the Big Ten. The Pac-12 champ could be on the outside looking in, and they'd need an implosion from Ohio State, Alabama, Clemson or Notre Dame to clear a pathway. Only time will tell.


Phoenix Suns TO WIN 2021 NBA Championship $154.00

Odds 25.1:! TO WIN $4,200

Let's go!  It's never too early to hit up some NBA futures. The Suns shocked everyone by cruising through the bubble, only to come up short.  Now, they've shipped some pieces away to get Chris Paul. His veteran presence could be precisely what the Suns need to bring Devin Booker and Deandre Ayton to the next level.

College Basketball

Duke TO WIN 2021 NCAAB Championship $80.00

Odds 9.63:1 TO WIN $850.00

You can never count out Coach K and the Blue Devils, and as usual, they've got a 5-star recruit in Jalen Johnson, who will slide right into the lineup at forward.  Couple him with Jeremy Roach and Wendell Moore, and you have a winning formula. Although Duke may not even be the best team in the ACC this season, they know how to handle postseason pressure.

Jeff Edgerton
Jeff has provided sports content for numerous sports outlets and has played fantasy sports since scores had to be tabulated via newspaper. He started working with RotoWire in 2017. Originally from South Carolina, he's a lifelong Clemson fan now enjoying the sun in Los Angeles.